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Wealth Creation

Saving vs Investing:

A very simple explanation would be that saving is putting money away in a safe place (bank) to use it in the future. Investing involves putting your money into investments – such as shares, funds and property – with the hope that your money will grow above the rate of inflation.

At LBR Financial Services we believe that your first priority is to plan for a specific goal and depending on a few important factors, deciding whether it is best to save or to invest your money. Remember that if your returns are not above inflation, you could be “Saving” yourself poorer.

Come and talk to us for an explanation of these very important terms. 


  • Unit Trusts and Tax-free savings accounts
    We Provide solutions according to your specific Risk Profile, as we are contracted by all the leading Asset Management companies.

  • Retirements Annuities
    One of the most tax efficient ways of saving for your retirement.

  • Endowment Plans
    Providing you with a tax-free pay-out after five years and especially targeted at individuals with a tax rate of greater than 30% for maximum effectiveness but is accessible to everyone.

  • Income Plans
    Income plans provide you with a lifelong income when you retire from your Pension or Provident Fund.