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In insurance terms, risk is the chance that something harmful or unexpected could happen to you or to your possessions.

At LBR we believe that your most precious possession is your ability to earn an income, and this is what we focus on when assisting families and individuals with their financial planning.

We provide advice on estate planning right from assisting with the drawing up of your Will to ensuring that your Will can be executed (is liquid).

We also focus on income protection in the event of disability or impairment and critical illness (dread disease) protection in theevent of a major medical event such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer amongst others.

We Also do Medical Aids and Gap Cover to cater for major medical expenses and the shortfalls that might occur when you need to be hospitalised or undergo a major operation or procedure. 

Car & Home Insurance

This is an area where clients normally make very costly mistakes by focussing on premiums instead of their specific needs. Something which they only regret when they need the insurance at claim stage, when it is too late to change.

At LBR we believe in providing advice that is based on your specific needs at the time and not the premium that you want to pay. If you can make that mind shift, it will be worth your while to book a free session with our short-term specialist to provide you with a no obligation proposal.

We are contracted by all major role players in the short term industry.